Hydraulic Hose Repair
in Kingston, Watford and the Surrounding Areas

Based in Heathrow, Emergency Site Services Ltd is a specialist in mobile hydraulic hose repairs. With immediate access to the M25, we proudly cover a 50-mile radius of our home location, including the Basingstoke, Bracknell, Farnborough, Guildford, Kingston, Reading, Richmond, Slough, Sutton, Watford and Woking areas. Instead of bringing your hoses to a workshop for repairs, we bring the workshop to you. Our vans carry hoses and fittings for a full range of applications, including clamps and guards. The technician we assign to the job will have a detailed understanding of hydraulic breakdowns and all related systems.

This means that we’ll always leave enough slack to keep the system operational, but with measures put into place that stop instances of future damage. We perform hydraulic hose repairs in locations across the South.

  • Visible leaks and a loss of system performance point towards an issue with the hoses

  • Our technician will make a prompt decision on whether those hoses need repairing or replacing

  • Often, the final decision lies with how we can best minimise disruption

  • Emergency Site Services Ltd works cleanly and tidily at all times to reduce oil contamination and to keep workplaces safe for system users and other employees

  • We dispose of hydraulic oils and fluids, if needed, to current ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards

Please contact us on 01753 479504 if you suspect a damaged hose or have suffered a hydraulic breakdown. For help outside of normal hours, call us on 07749 453810.

Hydraulic Hoses | Responsive Repairs and Replacements

Hoses carry fluids to different parts of a hydraulic system. These hoses, normally made from steel-reinforced rubber or steel tubes, work under extreme pressures so, when they start to leak, you could experience poor system performance at your Guildford, Reading or Slough premises or, in a worst-case scenario, it could lead to a complete breakdown. Keep in mind that hydraulic hoses only have a finite lifespan.

Failure could lead to injury so, if you suspect an issue, arrange to have us perform a repair or replacement. We offer a genuine emergency service for mobile hydraulic hose repairs.


Frayed or brittle hoses can cause a hydraulic breakdown, so it pays to have them regularly inspected. This is an essential form of preventative maintenance and will usually help in identifying problematic hoses before they bring your plant, machinery or systems to a complete standstill.

The following are some factors that can cause a hydraulic hose to fail:

  • Age

  • Overheating

  • Poor Assembly

  • Incorrect Insertion

  • Tight Bends

  • Use of Incompatible Fluids

We not only repair and replace hoses, but we can also advise on how to stop repeated problems. We also offer a range of repair and maintenance services for completely hydraulic systems.

At Emergency Site Services Ltd, we understand that breakdowns and downtimes are not an option for you or your business. We respond to calls from customers in Basingstoke, Bracknell, Farnborough, Guildford, Kingston, Reading, Richmond, Slough, Sutton, Watford, Woking and all locations around the Heathrow area quickly. Our key objective is to have your hoses repaired or replaced quickly, and to have your plant or machinery back up and running.

Responsive mobile hydraulic hose repairs can stop your company losing time, money and productivity.

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For hydraulic hose repairs in Kingston, Watford, Reading, Slough and all locations within 50 miles of Heathrow, call 01753 479504 (office) or 07749 453810 (24hr).